30 January 2010

New Baby

hey guys!
did you notice something new in here??

from the results of survey that i have posted since last week,I have decided to put the chat box for several days,perhaps. If everything goes perfect,it will permanently be there.hehe

let me introduce you the new chat box.LOL :D
i hope you can leave your links there. no backbiting,slander and so on yeah? be nice with everyone and happy blogging!

btw,I will spend my whole weekends dating with all the books; Physics II, Maths II and Biology III. I will have a very hectic and tired week by next week. I must prepare all the guns in order to fight until the last shoot. (okay,merepek sudah,with broken english some more! OMG!)

ganbatte everyone!! can not wait to have vacation with my lovely friends..

dear beautiful island; wait for us in May okay!! *excited*

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