24 February 2010

Finally it ends with something good,but not so-good too

22.2.2010, 11.31am: it was the most crucial and precious time for us,students under PRESSS. don't get confused,it comes with 3 "S" and no doubt about that.

after about 5days I've stayed away from the seduction of mr lappy, finally I can surf the net limitless for this whole becoming 5 months.

i would love to write everything here,but since this is my public viewer blog so i need to be more aware in writing. so, lets me make it simpler and more general for everyone.the final examination papers were totally damn hard but I think insyaAllah with the bless from Him, I have managed to answer them.

level of hardness (increasing order): Biology Lab II, Physics Lab I, Physics II, Biology III, Math II

done with that part,continue with my girls screamo party at RED BOX yesterday. due to my shyness and lack of self-confident even with the girls, I just be the backup dancer and suddenly I slept on the sofa.LOL!

and today,I went to Sunway Pyramid for some shopping.Suddenly found 3-4 outfits that catched my eyes and I only bought 1 knit top from Forever 21. itu pun setelah berhempas pulas mengawal nafsu syaitan untuk membeli 3 top dan 1 cardigan from Cotton On lagi. OH syaitan,kau memang durjana!!

and for tomorrow,I already had a bad news and it turned my mood OFF. and I am not interested to talk about it now.

I think I want to make "To Do List For This Long Semester Break" after i reach home. hopefully the weather for tomorrow will be great and the flight will not be delayed as my family was too excited to fetch me up at the airport tomorrow. I miss them so badly.

good night folks!

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