15 February 2010

You give me strength

Last night I sent a message to my mom at 4 am and I'm not sleep yet because I was doing some revision on Biology Lab. I told her that I am too exhaust and stress with all the notes and formula that I need to digest since last two weeks.

so,my mom called me few minutes ago and she gave some motivational support that I craving for right now;

"angah just need to study and left the others to Him.the most important thing is you have to be strong and keep on fighting.(other conversation need to be censored)"

Thanks mom,I'll be strong and I know from your voice that you want me to do the best.Insyaallah,keep on praying mom. I love you!

p/s:my two girlfriends called me 'nana' which suddenly makes me miss Penang more.24th Feb,please come hurry!!!

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