16 March 2010

Cuti-Cuti Malaysia

My family and I went to Penang yesterday. It was unplanned trip and we went there just hunting for the food and what not.
How I miss to breath the air there! I miss Penang damn much. Dulu pernah stay di Penang almost a month sebab along kerja di sini for 2 years. I love all the foods; Nasi Kandar of course, naan with tandoori chicken, Nasi Briyani, Rojak, Pasembor and etc. Boleh dikatakan semalam pergi Penang memang bertujuan untuk makan saja.

At first,ingat nak stay at least 1 night dekat sana but since masing-masing punya hajat dah dapat ditunaikan which is the food,so we decided to go back home and safely arrived at 11.30pm.

The beach and sand were stunning! I Love Penang.

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