19 March 2010

Dear Diary # 5

I want somebody whom I can tell anything and everything to and not give a shit of what his response will be because I know he’ll always laugh or nod at my (good/lousy) opinions and I’m never at all pressured about our relationship. I want humour and someone who has a hard time shutting up, someone who can make me laugh at anything he says, even though he never meant it as a joke. I want to feel secure, I want someone who can make me smile silly and made me want to talk to him more the moment he said ‘hey, i like you’ instead of making me feel a little scared. I want someone whom I can think of constantly and instantly made my day better. I want someone who can make me feel confident, so much that I feel as if I can conquer the world. I want someone who finds me as the best thing that ever happened to him, literally. I want a soul, I want a body I can lean into perfectly, I want to feel that I’m needed.I want someone that has strong foundation about the religious so that he can give me guide to the right pathway.I want a down-to-earth person with pure hearted.

This is what I have been searching for...
I got it before,unfortunately I have missed it somewhere.
Last 9 months,I feel like dying and this is the end of the world.Terrific!

Until today I'm still the same person that you have ever known before that stand still and wait for the reasons that you have promised for

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