06 March 2010


Kindly inform that the family vacation to Jakarta/Singapore/Bandung is postponed until end of year due to some technical problems. My excitement all are fade away now. The big problem appears when there is no travel agency that can arrange a trip within a week time. So,we try to buy tickets that cost almost 3k just to go to Jakarta but we have no contacts at all when we arrive there.It will be more difficult for us to 'membabi buta' in foreign country.

Blablabla..mom and dad give us another option that is just to go to Kelantan and Terengganu to visit the relatives there plus I haven't go to both states since I was 9 years old. Tapi diaorang yang lain dah selalu pergi. I disagree with them because insyaallah I will have a trip to those states in this May.so,I don't want to hit it twice.

Its not easy to gather all the family members since along is still studying her MBA in Gombak and adik will face the examination this year. Its suppose to be a right time to have a big trip with family during this school break,but unfortunately......hurm.

frustrated; the only word that can describe me right now. If the trip in May is cancel, I will screaming out loud! ZOMG!!

not everything that we want will be in our hands.its all about "al-razzaq"

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