06 March 2010

How To Write A Good Entry In Your Blog

  • Use simple words and easy to be read by the readers. Do not use complex sentences because it will confuse your readers and hence make them not so interested to come again to your blog.
  • Do not use short form that will bring so many questions in readers mind. For instance, ak=aku , ark=juga , die=dia , sowy=sorry , mamam=makan and what not. This is not a proper language and not suitable to be used in writing.
  • Make some paragraph. This will attract readers attention besides make your page more tidy and neat.
  • Add some sense of humor in your writing so that your entry will not be so lame and bored. Besides that,you can insert some pictures either from your own collections or by google it.
  • Do not lie to your readers. Just be yourself because people will love who you are not who you want to be.
  • Write something that brings benefit yet simple to be digest by the readers
  • Update your blog regularly

Hopefully all these tips will help you to improve your writing and increase the traffic of your blog. Happy Blogging.

p/s: I'm still new in this blogging arena,so we can help each other right??

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