11 March 2010

Membebel Part 1

nothing interesting for today. just an ordinary routine like yesterday and the rest of last 2 weeks.

After dinner tadi tolong ibunda cuci udang-udang besar like 10kg kot.Entah,tak sure but sangat lah banyak! Along and adik took the easiest part which is kupas bawang je. Malam esok ayahanda nak buat makan-makan sikit di surau kampung ibunda which like 10-15 minutes away from our house.

And today I have period pain that really killing me oh! Asyik tidur saja untuk menghilangkan seksaan sakit tu.

Next,I just check my mail.Dah lama tak check and I got an offer from somebody and of course this is an authorized company. If I'm interested with this offer,I need to attend a meeting which will be held in KL. grrrrrrrr!! time dah ada di rumah baru nak dapat offer macam nih. For sure I have to reject this offer.hurm

Hoping for better luck next time.

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