09 April 2010

Sunrise Peach Jello

I make this jello by myself this everning. yummy!

-1/2 packet of jello

-1 tin of peach halves in syrup
(its up to u)
-some cherries

-plain water
(hot or cold water will do)
-fine sugar

-pandan leaves

-Heat the jello with pandan leaves

-Open the tin of peach and slice it finely

-Add 1/2 of the syrup in the tin into the heat jello

-After the jello is fully dissolve, add 6 spoon-full of fine sugar
-Heat and stir it until slightly thickened

-Pour into a shot glasses or small dessert dishes

-Make it layer by layer and arrange the peach and cherries on it.

-Chill the jello in the refrigerator until firm.

simply irresistible!

p/s: this recipe is called recipe "suka hati lantak nak campak apa pun" :D

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