30 May 2011

Rasa Kesal Tahu Ngak?

For some reason,I feel like quitting from this arena. (Ayat nak poyo sesaje -____-')

I feel so helpless with my artworks,I have done nothing impressive with my baby Muhammad EOS!! It's just like a waste you know?

I feel like giving up ;'(

Am I such a loser?? I do realized (once again) that I am better in editing and retouching pictures more than taking it with great story behind every pictures.

Is this just because of hormone or what? Urghhhhhhhhhh

I want to be good as my friends do,
I want to have my own style in taking good pictures,
I want to be a young and creative professional photographer within 10 years
I want to contribute something good with my arts to this country and nation
I want to change people perspective towards the ability of female photographer

But the first step only could make me down like this.How I will turn into successful photographer if I already failed with the fundamental things??

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."
— Confucius

KESAL tahu!!! (Bahasa Indonesia,please Google translate)

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Wahida Shukeri said...

cool baby...sampai masa tiba waktu nya...