07 June 2011

Confession # 1

# I weighed myself unintentionally at IKEA last Saturday and the numbers shown were 47kg which freaking me out!! I gained 3kg within this 2 months of holidays even I did some exercises everyday at least 15 minutes. -__________-'

# I realized that the guy that I have been admired at was the one who I hate the most now. Enough with 2 years being so helpless. I need fresh air for coming years!!

# Sick of being in relationship since last 2 years and still hate to have one.

#Comfortable to be friend with this someone,but never thought to take any move because I love the way we are now.BestFriendForever!!

#Lazy to update this blog due to unstable of hormones and pressure in home (besides the pressure to think about the menu for every day dishes)

#Need a best friends outing so badly so that I can unwind and at the same time having fun and catching up some updates from BFF.

# Believe it or not,the famous vocalist for an underground band; Noh Hujan is now following my tumblr!! YEAYYY for that! I just cannot help myself from smiling all day long today. Super duper excited and happy :)

#I HATE YOU!!! And I hate everything about June 19 and June 29 plus October 4!

“Allah lah yang memegang hati itu. Andai hati itu terluka, ingatkan ia tentang Penyembuhnya, agar Dia titipkan penawar bisa. Andai hati itu kecewa, ingatkan ia tentang Pelindungnya, agar Dia usirkan segala duka. Andai hati itu terpalit dosa, ingatkan ia tentang Pengampunnya, agar Dia bersihkan debu noda. Andai hati itu gundah gulana, ingatkan ia tentang Pentadbirnya, agar Dia hembuskan tenang ke dada.”


kays said...

I hate 19th June and 3rd October , what a coincidence !

Your tumblr must be freaking awesome enn smpi Noh tertarik ;) hihihi

And i'm totally with you , penat nak fikir for daily menu :[

kembatolo™ said...

noh pon ade tumblr? haha.

iela_fadila alias said...

wuts wrong dear,i noe thre's smtg,tell me

a's said...

WHAT!!!almost sama okay K.A!! huaaaa....if i can have pillow talk with u someday,mesti at the end kita nangis sama2 kan.so close!!

entah,tetiba je dia follo.rasa mcm nk lompat bintang! ngeee

ni belum lagi jadi full time housewife for the rest of our life kan.we should be grateful to have such great master in cooking (our mom) ;p

a's said...

dia ada tumblr lah...if follow his twitter mesti tau :p

a's said...

i need one fine day to talk about that with u.tunggu u cuti weekends ni la ;'(