10 June 2011


with her MBA classmates

Just got to know about the confirmation of graduation of my eldest sister on this October.

A little bit about her background studies,she was graduated from Indiana University,Indiana,United States and worked at Intel Penang for more than one year. Next,she pursued her studies at the same university like me and she managed to complete her studies on time last November.

And the best thing among all,she managed to be in the First Class Degree in her master studies! That's means she will get 2 scrolls during her coming convocation!! OMG!! I am freaking happy for you sister! Every time you told me about your GPA,I will be moody and keep myself silence. Your pointer will be far better than mine even though you are in master level already. I wonder how you managed to study in a very effective way. I want to be in First Class Degree list too!!!

Seriously I feel so envy with you right now sister!! I think I need to borrow your brain for 3 years so that I can be like you in 4 years time from now.

Congratulation sister!!!! You make us proud of you!!! And you are always be my idol :)

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kays said...

Muka kak anna dgn kakak akak sama gilaaaa :O