01 June 2011

This Is The Time

Rasa macam dunia hampir kiamat,segalanya gelap dan gelita bagi aku!

Manusia yang di tunggu-tunggu selama ini dah bertukar daun baru (turn into new leaf) bersama insan terbaru terhangat dipasaran.

“In a relationship I want 3 things; Eyes that won’t cry, lips that won’t lie, and love that won’t die.”— Unknown

When I think about this someone my tears will automatically come out and I am crying like there is no tomorrow! After I got to know that thing with my naked eyes last night,I went to have some supper at Seafood restaurant with family and I was the one who drove them to the restaurant.

Believe it or not,I was crying with no sound while driving and speeding at the same time. My heart like broken into pieces again after took 2 years to heal and bind the pieces together again all by myself. I feel like I am such a great LOSER on Earth!!

Crying again all the way back with no sound and movement at all until my parents and little sister even did not notice that I was crying. I am good at hiding my tears anyway.

All my close friends did knew about this matter and as usual they lend their ears and eyes to help and comfort me. Thank you friends!!

After all,I did learned something.

Maybe Allah gave hint for me to really move on this time. No more false hope or anything that makes me thinking about there will be always second chance! I don't believe it anymore. And I know this is the time to get rid of everything. I just wasted my 2 years of nothing. And I don't want to lose more tomorrow. I pray to Allah so that HE will give me courage and faith again so that I can continue my life without any distraction like past 2 years. I don't want to be in that circumstance anymore. I am totally sick,physically and mentally.

Ya Allah,I know everything YOU do is the best for me. I accept this as I know better things will come in future, insyaAllah. I know that YOU will not test someone out of his/her ability. I know YOU love to test someone that YOU love frequently when YOU miss him/her. Whatever happened in my life,I know that there will be hikmah behind it. Allah knows the best.

May tomorrow be a brighter day for me to move myself away from the shadow of the past. So that I will never had a nightmare again.

Pray for this second healing will only take few days rather than years like before. This is the time..

"The heart was made to be broken." — Oscar Wilde


bunyamin khair said...

kesian. lek2.

a's said...

#bunyamin khair
agak kesiankan diri sendiri. ;'(

Hazlin Lalala said...

nahhhhh !! dont give a damn my dear !! u have wonderful frenz around u... u have a perfect family with u.. anytime u feel down or anytin.. u mesti mesti mesti ade someone u can call...u can spend time with.. u dont have to tell him/her everytin or anytin.. u just need him.her to kill ur time n make u NOT THINK about 'him'...so go on..fill ur time..bz kn diri anda buat2 bende... im sure u gonna be fine.. i know u are STRONG...
muahhhxx... ♥ u.... im always here no matter what..no matter how far we are...im always close to u...
sincerely mate ni beraer bace luahan hati anda..
i know how it feels sayg..
i know one that u'll find ur perfect prince.. i just know it..

Wahida Shukeri said...

you'll find ur mr right soon!!