15 May 2015

Fresh start


It has been awhile, left this page for almost a year without any recent post. Was too busy with the reality that is completely overwhelming with challenges.

Alhamdulillah, everything was great (even some of them were not but let forget the negativity shall we?). I am currently leaving the country to chase over my dream. Dreaming out loud, from only a dream and now its really happening. He gave me the chance to live outside from my comfort zone. Everything went so fast. But this is not an easy ride definitely.

Living in Melbourne, the city of metropolitan with high living cost and everything is all about AUD will make you appreciate your home country even more. In every good things, there must be something bad too. Same goes to this city, I love the way of people here think and learn. I even have a grandpa classmate who I assumed to reach 80 years old or more based on physical appearance and his posture. They love knowledge and never learn for the sake of getting a piece of paper called 'degree certificate' or getting high paid. They always discuss about ideas and have some informative talks even during lunch hour with the lecturers like their own best friends. No gap between lecturers and students plus we are free to call them by their first name instead of surname or salutation which is not happening in Malaysia.

Other than that, all is good. I love my locals and international friends. I do make a network here, from Colombia, Chilie, Fiji, China, Brunei, Indonesia, Oman and of course Australia.

Everything here is so fast; from the way you walk,think,talk, and of course your assignment submissions. HAHA. I have submissions in every week, a massive workloads I can say. Surely I am still adapting and this baby girl is progressing. Pray for my success as we are almost done with semester 1. More to come next semester.

I cook a lot here,and I think I gained some weight too. Freak out!!

Till then,
Will write more later when I have ample time.

18 August 2014

Resepi Mee Kari [Newbie]

Salahkan gadget semalam seperti biasa tak punya kerja selain daripada cuci baju, kemas rumah, online, lipat kain, siram pokok bunga dan juga memasak. Setiap hari repeat benda sama -___-"

Sedang scroll timeline tetiba rasa teringin nak google gambar mee kari. Padahnya pukul 9pm semalam ajak Mak terjah Tesco Jitra beli tauhu goreng yang berongga tu untuk buat mee kari.

Sambil masak sambil google resipi. Boleh gitu?

Aku memang menerapkan prinsip masak ikut gerak hati. Memang dah tengok resipi daripada internet sebelum memasak tapi bila dah mula memasak aku akan ubah suai ikut keadaan suka hati beta. Haha

Bagi yang tak pernah masak mee kari macam aku, bolehlah ikut resepi hentam asal boleh ni. Bagi yang dah expert mohon tunjuk ajar ku sifu.

Resepi Mee Kari

Bahan-bahan (Kuah):

 *kisar halus untuk tumis:
5 biji bawang merah
2 biji bawang putih
1 inch halia
1/2 inch lengkuas
1 batang serai

3 sudu besar rempah kari (ayam)
2 sudu besar cili giling
Santan kotak low cholesterol (100mL)
Asam keping

Ayam dipotong kecil-kecil
Fish cake
Fish ball
Tahu goreng berongga

Bahan-bahan sampingan:

Kacang panjang
Cili merah
Telur rebus

Cara-cara memasak:

1. Panaskan minyak masak, tumis bahan kisar sehingga garing
2. Masukkan rempah dan cili kisar. Kacau sehingga naik minyak
3. Masukkan ayam dan kacau sehingga naik minyak
4. Masukkan santan dan air
5. Masukkan fish cake, fish ball, tauhu rongga dan asam keping
6. Masukkan garam secukup rasa. Biar mendidih
7. Siap dihidang bersama mee dan bahan-bahan sampingan.