20 February 2017

Two Wonderful Years of My Life

Kudos to Facebook memory for notifying me what did I posted in Facebook on this day last two years. It was a life changing moment when I decided to fly to Melbourne instead of Scotland to further my studies. Indeed, Allah Knows best while you are not.

"..But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows,while you are not." (Al-Baqrah: 216)

I used to hate the idea of further my studies to somewhere downunder as it has no snow during winter (I'm kiasu liddat 😂).But Allah is good, He knows what I need more than I do. He surely have better plan for me.

It turned out that I couldn't make it to UK for masters due to time constraints to settle with my sponsorship and placement at one beautiful university in Scotland. The last thing that came up in my mind on that time was applying for masters degree in Australia. Everything happened so fast and last minute.

Alhamdulillah I got a place at the top 1 university in Australia that time, and everything seemed easy since then. I was so excited to commence my studies as I got the course that I wanted to dig in more details after bachelor degree. Even if it  was totally different from my background and I received so many questions on why would I changed my path since Biotechnology is not an easy subject to carry but I did great in my bachelor degree (Alhamdulillah thank you Allah). And every time I needed to explain the answer to my friends (especially my local and international friends as most of them came from Environmental studies background), it challenged me to prove them that I will pursue things that I like and I will make it happen no matter how hard it takes.

I still remember vividly most of the people around me asking "two years of coursework masters degree? It is such a waste of time because you can do it in one year if you do it anywhere else". 

 For me, I am good with that. I am the kind of person that take things at my own pace. But I will make sure that I reach the finish line no matter how long it will take. I enjoy the journey and value the process rather than appreciate the end products alone. I would never in a million years regret this decision. It was a wonderful two years in my life. And this has changed me in many ways, for a better and wiser Farhana. Insha Allah.

All praise to Allah, my masters degree was a one smooth sailing. I graduated according to my study plan. I love what I learned in school, it was great to have such an environment that encouraged you to actively participate in lecture and have an open discussion with your lecturers on the topics that you have learned in class. One thing I love about Australians is that they are very friendly and non-judgmental. It makes me feels like home.

I am not sure what Allah has planned for me in future, but I will keep on praying that this is not the end of the journey of my self-satisfaction. I would rather do things that I always wanted to do than forcing myself to meet others' expectations. Please pray that I can pursue my dreams, and make the change that I wish Malaysia to change; waste behaviors and sense of belonging.

I have a dream, but I am not sure where to start as I have no power and money to initiate the awareness. I wish that Malaysia will have the same or better waste management system as whole (not only focusing on big cities) as compared to developed countries such as Sweden and Australia. Please pray for my success, may all my dreams come true ;')

Like what J.Lo said to all women; "be the best, happiest, healthiest version of yourself!" 


04 November 2016

Graduate life


What a surprise! I am here, back to Dreaming Out Loud after a year with no update.
Life has been pretty challenging this few years but glad that I can still pull it together at the end. Thanks Allah for this opportunity to continue my studies here in Melbourne. Even if the journey that I took is a bit longer than the other (ie UK's graduates took a year to finish whilst AU's mostly need two years), but I am forever grateful for the memories and experiences that I gained along the way.

Alhamdulillah, submitted my final assignment last night, thus mark the end of my graduate journey insha Allah.

Ops it's almost noon and I need to cook for the people in the house. will continue writing later at night. Have a great Friday peeps! xxx