03 March 2010

What's in my mind?

Oh god,I hate when I mad at people.and tonight I make my little sister crying in front of me and dad. and its all about MATH! more specific;INDICES.

I wonder how I will be a teacher like mom but I am such a lion when I get angry?scary man! But I want the best for her,she should know how to convert the cube root and whatnot because her big examination will be on this October.You must be well prepared dear! I want you to get result with flying colors. Like me and along before in PMR.She needs to give more attention on Math,other 7 subjects are okay for now.I know you can do it adik.

Despite all this so-called teaching matter,I have my own problem. The unspoken deed! I want to pursue dad to buy me something before going to Jakarta/Singapore/Islands. but my mouth sticks and keep silent every time I want to talk about that with dad.

Moreover,dad just upgrade my car (alignment,air-conditioner,alarm and car lock system,engine and etc) and its costly too.so,I need to wait and wait.One by one dear.

What's in my mind right now?

Of course, family vacation! Hopefully this last minute plan works. Need to apply for the passport and I will confirm my driving license this 10th of march. No more "P" babeh..oh yeeaaahhh! lets drift.LOL.in your dream,girl!

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