20 May 2010


today is the gloomy day for me.I keep on thinking of someone who is not around me anymore and end up with the burst of tears..bla..bla..bla.. that's the theory of a girl. love+hurt= cry

Dengan masalah yang timbul bak cendawan tumbuh selepas hujan.memang bikin aku mudah naik angin lah. Akibatnya ampaian belakang rumah aku rentap. Itu pun aku rasa tak puas lagi.

I read all the sms from that someone gave me past 2 years and I cried like a kid.I swear that I miss that someone damn much and I don't know why I become like this.Being so pathetic and such a loser in my own love story.

When I read those messages,it reminds me of something and it makes my heart firmer.I hope I've made a great and best choice for myself.

For this time being,I rather choose to be alone dan belajar untuk menjadi matang,berfikiran matang dan bertindak berdasarkan kematangan.Long way to go.

Kenapa aku perlu jadi begini padahal sebelum-sebelum ni mudah saja aku nak lupakan seseorang tu?

At the end of the day,I know that HE had made someone for me and I will meet that someone either in here or here after.Just keep on praying girl. HE knows the best

I will stand still waiting for you..


fikah © said...

not only you, me too.
me, lagi dahsyat, nak lupakan my crush, i remove his FB from my list,stop YM with him etc.
just recently, i added his YM back, in a hope, that he'll buzz me.
but, he's yet to do that.

a's said...

fikah,I've only approved your comment.we are in the same boat darling.but deep inside my heart,i'm still loving him like the way we used to be before :((