28 February 2011

Blog Makeover Again!

This is freaking crazy! I am too inspired by this one blog of a photographer and he got one plain layout with awesome simple header!!

And at 1am (28th February) I started my 'work' and end up with this simple makeover.

Actually I have not enough idea how to illustrate the graphics here and there like my friend does,sri which is sap sap soi for her.
I hope this layout with last for longer time than the previous one.LOL.

Hopefully I wouldn't bump into other blog which has attractive layout except the blog of my friend tu la yang taukey blog design tu. Itu mana boleh challenge ma!! ROFL

good bye for a while vintage theme!


Wahida Shukeri said...


Useriez said...

eh2 danbo dah hilang~!

a's said...

@Wahida Shukeri
tochei :P

a's said...

semua kawan-kawan saya pakat ada danbo,so danbo saya pun pi jumpa kawan2 dia yg lain dkt kedah nun ;'(

iela_fadila alias said...

simple but maniss...

a's said...

@iela_fadila alias
tochei! :P