24 March 2011

Jalan Jalan Cari Makan Edisi Kuantanamo # 1

Sorry for being lazy to update the the blog. I have been so busy lately.I just can feel the pressure of final examination. Before my tension getting any worse,I blog this journey of makan-makan with my fellow neighbors last night. The food just amaze and I would love to rate 4.5/5 for the restaurant we ate last night,Santai.

The first impression for me to be there was like "AM I IN BALI OR SOMEWHERE IN INDONESIA?".

The place was cozy and calm with the Bali concept for the decoration. I bet the owner spent more than RM10K just for the decoration of the restaurant.After all,the food just fit with its price and I satisfied with the food and service by the waiters and waitress.

Oh,before I forgot one of the waiter there LOOK EXACTLY like Mr. Past! With the almost same height,same body figure with such long and oval shape face and with Kelantanese slang. I am not sure he is from Kelantan or Phattani because seems like he was too shy to speak last night. Surely he reminds me of him! ;'(

Forget about it,lets pictures do the talking here.ENJOY!

this is mine! YUMMY!!!

Next destination will be at?

p/s: sorry for the blurry pictures.My blacky SE is not that good with night mode or maybe I dunno the exact setting for night shot using that camera :(

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