01 March 2011

Jenazah Management Workshop

Last Sunday,I went to Jenazah Management Workshop that was organized by my Kuliyyah.This workshop is not compulsory to all the students and it is not a free course too.

Luckily I got a place to join this workshop since I make a very last minute decision to be one of the participants.

The workshop started early at 9am but all the participants already managed to be in the main auditorium at 8.30am -_-". The briefing session was not that interesting because the speaker's voice was too slow and soft. I can't even hear his speech because I sat almost at the back in the auditorium.

After giving the token of appreciation to the speaker and facilitators for the practical session,we had our 30 minutes break. Then we were split into groups to do the practical session. Unfortunately I was assigned to be in the group with all the seniors and most of them are Medic students and some of them are Dentistry students. Besides that,there were 2 staffs officer of the Admin who joined this workshop too. I think I am the youngest among others in my group.LOL.

The facilitator for this session was friendly and adorable. She loves people to greet her as "Ibu". She is an Ustazah in Pejabat Agama Islam Kuantan. We were exposed to the steps needed to manage the jenazah in a proper way. I was too excited when "Ibu" said that everyone can come to the front to see the demonstration of the jenazah management from the first step which is 'mandi' to 'kafan' step. I went to the seats of the first row and stick there until the end of the event.ROFL.

I got the chance to see and smell the 'kapur barus','serbuk cendana','air mawar','kapas' and etc. The smell of cendana powder was so,urghhhh!! I just can't explain it. I feel like crying when I think about it because it reminds me of something.DEATH. And you know what,our Rasulullah's mother describe the pain of the death as the pain when we are beaten by 70 pieces of sharp blade. ;'( Can you imagine how suffer a person is when malaikat Maut wants to take the from the rohjasad?

During the session,there were too many participants who wants to be volunteer to be the 'jenazah'. LOL.At first, I thought there will be no one wants to be 'jenazah' for this practical session because everyone scared but I was totally wrong!! All the participants on that day were dedicated and serious with this workshop. They asked questions like bullets that shoot from a machine gun!! And "Ibu" was like one patience mom who answered thousands brilliant questions from her children. She is really good and soft-hearted! I love her :)

"Ibu" also taught us how to make the kain kafan,'baju',telekung' and 'kain pakai' for the jenazah which only use a long plain white cotton fabric. It was such a great and blessing experience tho.

Besides to seek knowledge for the sake of our status in reality life here,it is better for us to dig the knowledge of the akhirat too. Alhamdulillah I made a best decision this time by joining this workshop. It is so informative and enjoyable. Good job to the organizer. Keep it up!

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