16 March 2011

My Current Fashion Addiction # 3

bleeding nose!!!! I am effin' obsessed with this maxi dress and long skirt nowadays! HELP ME!! I never give attention to my appearance pun before this but after 'fall in love' with this girl's outfit 2 months back,I am now become a fashion addicted but I don't have the guts to try it once because I am only 157/158cm in height yo! LOL.

*Ads* I WANT THIS PAVLOVA!!! Read few blogs that claimed the Alexis' pavlova is the best in KL. I WANT IT!!!

all pictures credit to Shea's blog except the third picture :)


Hazlin Lalala said...

hey dear !!! sgt same ngan kami k..
kami desperate gile nk cm tu... =(
but then i just dont have the confident.. kami rse anda sgt sesuai pakai gitu sbb anda lawa sgt..
kami xley.
kami gemuk n hodoh =(

a's said...

#Hazlin lala
aiya,don't talk like that mar!! you will look so gorgeous when you put on the dress.Trust me!! Try once then you will love it :P