06 April 2011

Happy Belated Birthday Baby!

I am deeply sorry because I forgot your birthday on last 3rd April at 12pm. You are now ONE year old baby!!

I knew that I neglect you this few weeks and left you at my aunt's place but it is for your own good by the way. Sorry I cannot celebrate the big day with you ;'( MY BAD!!

Next week I promise that I will fetch you no matter what,right on the dot after I settle down the Calculus paper which is the last paper for this final examination.

your very first shutter count :)

I really love you! Thanks for being there to help me pursue my interest and gain more experience. Nothing can be 1st in my heart like you do.

Happy Birthday Baby!

Happy 1st Birthday Muhammad EOS 500d!
I really love you no matter how old and outdated you are in your product line :) I AM STILL PROUD OF YOU SINCE THE DAY I MET YOU UNTIL THE REST OF MY LIFE THAT I AM GONNA SPEND WITH YOU!!!
Be nice and stay 'young'!


dnsyrh said...

happy birthday Muhammad :)

a's said...

thank you muhammad cakap! :DD