14 April 2011

Ini Baru Betul-Betul Final!

Officially I have finished my 1st Year studies as Biotechnology student in this university.Alhamdulillah.

What more I can say about the exam today? Totally SUCKS!! I don't know what others think about the questions but in my opinion this is the KILLER paper of all. I think I can answer MCB paper well than this Calculus paper.

Mind you,I am VERY WEAK at calculating subjects ever since in school! That is why I only got B4 for Add Math in SPM ; A1 for Modern Math. I hate numbers!!

I rather prefer to memorize all the terms in Biochemistry which consists of very thick notes like a dictionary and full with words in every page than doing calculation that involve Integral,Implicit Differentiation,Derivatives,Definite Integral,Integration by parts,Exponential growth graph/decay graph!!! I am such a LOSER in Math. -________-'

For now,I have to pray harder to HIM so that my results slip will turn out well,or better than last semester which I was not so satisfied with.Do pray for me yeah guys??

May Allah bless you!

I need to go now.My friends are waiting for me to hang out together for unwind after having this hectic and stressful weeks.It has been almost 3 weeks we were in stress and have not enough sleep.We are cute pandas!

Not to forget,I want to fetch my baby at my aunt's place today....I miss him so much!

Till then,

don't forget to pray for my good results for this exam okay?



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exam kat UIA memang memenatkan..huu..
sangharima laen,die suka..kah3