03 April 2011

Quick Update #9

Just get back from a senior's wedding at Sekolah Agama Tahfiz Al-Irsyad,Kuantan after UNGS paper examination.Mind you,the bride is only 22 years old and her groom is 21st years old. She is a medical student here and she was my senior in high school (but I am not really know her because I just another one naughty school girl who surrounded by her gang who loves to eat egg sandwich in class meanwhile the teacher is teaching Add Math in front of the clas -___-') And her husband is a Islamic Religious first year student in UM.WOW!! Impressive-supposed to post this last night but I cannot manage to finish the writing.So I continue today.

After attending the wedding,I keep remind myself that,

"If the right one comes,you will never say no for his proposal even if you are in the middle of eating nasi dengan gulai tempoyak dan sambal tempe"

This couple knew each other 2 years back through one Islamic dakwah forum and they continue the 'cyber love' in Friendster and after few days the guy asked for the girl's picture,he proposed my senior and they get married.Isn't that cute huh?

Seriously bila masuk universiti INI,agak tak pelik/janggal bila tengok students kawen awal. Sangat-sangat awal! 19th years old yang paling awal which is my classmate in foundation dulu.Now dah ada baby yang comel pun :) But for me,dah ada duit dengan ilmu ke kau nak kawen anna oit? Calon pun takde,loser gila..hahahaha...takpe,along pun takde calon lagi walaupun dah umur 27.hahaha..okay kita sama-sama loser kan diri tapi jangan loser dalam study/career sudah! Itu bukan loser lagi dah tapi daki masyarakat namanya.

p/s: Along please jangan kawen lagi sebab nanti tak ada orang nak layan saya marah-marah dekat rumah.LOL


Cik Miera Aziz said...

Nice entry!!!

Header cantik sgtt :) Suka suka :P

feruz said...

correction..26 baru okie :P tadernyer aku nak kawen awal2 aku nak g travel dulu..huhu

a's said...

#Cik Mira Aziz
Thank you :)

Keep reading my blog.tak cantik pun la,edit simple je kot.hihihi

a's said...
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a's said...

according to year,you are in 27th years.hahahahaha!

KK in plan~