07 May 2011

Day 18

6 May 2011

Woke up this morning earlier than ever because the weekend maid is coming so I need to supervise her work. Mom and dad went to somewhere and I need to be the BIG BOSS.

The maid brought her daughter along and I was like a centimeter away to pinch her cheek because she is too cranky and distract her mother!

After mom came back home,I went to the wet kitchen to help mommy preparing the dishes. As usual (daily routine) she will membebel-bebel with something that is too small to argue of such as aku salah potong tauhu sebab aku potong nipis-nipis dia nak tebal-tebal sebab nak letak dalam sup.

Sabar jela. Then we have our lunch at 12.45pm and all the meals were divine and the assam pedas was very stone and pedas gila! I love assam pedas melaka :) Oh,I made another BBQ chicken and it is still delicious as it was before. Now I got the secret recipe to marinate the chicken within few hours only. After several experiments,now I got the answer!

Then online for a while,doing something nonsense and performed solat Zohor.

At 4pm,I have my nasi and BBQ chicken and assam pedas again -___-'

I can't stop myself to have nasi twice per day ;'( I'm getting heavier!!!

Then when to Arau railway station to send my aunt that will going back to KL by train. Done with that,mom and I went to the mall to do some groceries and I bought plenty of food just for me.HA-HA!! Yogurt drink,cadbury black forest chocolate, chicken nuggets,chicken sausages etc.

the railway station. The girl speaks Urdhu and they are from India. Datang Langkawi shopping-shopping

Went back home and still thinking of tomorrow's interview. And finally daddy urged me not to go for the interview tomorrow and he gave me a pay cheque RM*** for me to just stay at home and doing the house chores ONLY! I feel so disappointed but in a way of positive side,if I work at the boutique plus minus the salary that I will earn will be much lesser than the money that daddy gave me. If I work at the boutique,I need to consider the expenses of petrol gas and food for lunch. So,better accept the cheque and the "JOB".

Announcing the new 'housewife-to-be'............................!

After all,I hope that this is the best decision that I can make. No more regret ;'(

Done with Day 18

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