10 May 2011

Day 21

9 May 2011

Its Monday and as usual I went to Pasar Pagi to buy all the fresh vegies and proteins. I bought some dried chillies, onion, fish,carrot,and 2 packs of tempe my favorite.


Back home and prepared for the lunch. I cooked sambal tempe with anchovies. My first try yo! And after mom went back home and she tasted the sambal then she said "kurang gula la,let me repair this for you" . Huhuhuhu,that's maybe because I had period pain kot sebab tu terkurang gula dalam masakan dan juga senyuman -____-'

Then I ate my lunch while watching movie "Cun" and "From Prada to Nada". Then I went upstairs to relax because I have muscle cramp.

Terasa nak makan dalam plate ni sebab teringin nak jadi budak kecik balik.Boleh? HA-HA

Soda gembira

Bubur pulut hitam for hi-tea but I ate it as my dinner because I have no appetite to eat anything -___-'

Watering the plants at the evening then watched Top Chef and going upstairs again to lay back on the bed once again -___-'

Okay,I am still in pain.Want to rest.Bubbye

Done with Day 21

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