12 May 2011

Day 23

11 May 2011

Alhamdulillah I am getting better but still have the headache. Tried to overcome the sickness and cooked for lunch.

Luckily mom already cooked sardine before she went to school in the morning. Thank you mom! So I make up my mind to cook some veggies and omelette only. The fish that I bought at pasar tani last monday still in pending and waiting to be cooked but Allah know when. LOL

And this the sweet potatoes that daddy brought from nowhere and it is sweet naturally! No need to add sugar or honey! Yummmyyy! Usually you can get this sweet potatoes in Cameron Highlands or Kundasang,Sabah but I don't know where my daddy found this sweet thing. I just cannot help myself from peel the thin skin and eat it with happy face! Asal makan aje mesti aku happy kan -____-' *sigh!

Done with Day 23

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