25 May 2011

Day 35 & 36

23 May 2011

Same routine like 34 days before. (lazy to write and story here).

I cooked sambal udang yesterday while listening to "Music Factory" at channel 705. Awesome cooking time!!

And today is my little sister's birthday!

24 May 2011

During night,got bad news from my friend.As usual,he will give me bad and great news every time he came back from the battlefield. LOL.

And I have applied something from my university's event! Padahal sebelum ni aku memang malas dan tak nak ambil pusing pun pasal tu. Ada rezeki tu ada lah kan.

Okay Done with Day 35 & 36


Hazlin Lalala said...

OMG... smbal udang.. teringin nyeeeeeeee.. sini udang mahal.. =(

a's said...

#Hazlin Lalala
maybe sbb susah nk catch udang dkt sana kot? huhuhu...sorry sekiranya gambor ni mengganggu nafsu makan anda.hihihihi

Nies Hanna said...

anna pun apply jugak? huhu