05 May 2011

Dream #6

Since early Jan 2011,I have a 'big' mission to accomplish this year. But unfortunately,mom said that there is no another 'umrah' until daddy has "Hajj" first and that's means this big dream only gonna be achieved by 2013 onwards insyaAllah if I am still here.

My big dream now is to give a visit to our main Kiblat; Ka'abah in Makkah. I wish I can perform my umrah this year but since mommy and daddy already went there for umrah in 2009,so mommy urged daddy to perform his Hajj first before bring me or others to perform umrah once again.Alhamdulillah mommy already performed her Hajj in 2004. Daddy cannot follow her on that time since my little sister still at primary school and along was in America and no one can look after us. So,mommy went there first.

images credit to Ustaz Haji Arshad's blog

I hope my dream will come true someday. I want to be in Makkah,Madinah and maybe if I got a chance I want to go to Turkey and Dubai too during winter.



Sang Harima said...

Inysa Allah..

a's said...

#Sang Harima
thank u.Amin