26 May 2011

Photo Outing with Part of GS Members #2

I just figured out how to make vintage look effect of pictures using photoshop in most simplest way last two days and it is kinda fun to play around while learning new things with PS. FYI, I always borrow PS/editing/dummies book for making better quality pictures from my university's library -____-'

I know that I supposed to borrow all the academic books but I was attracted with these kind of books instead.

So,here are the 2 pictures that I took for an experimentation.LOL.

pictures by Abang Ngah and editing by me.
Ce tengok Abang Long tu,rambut karatzz you ollzz! HA-HA! Atris!!!


Izz said...

sangat-sangat smart!

a's said...

thanks babe :)