23 June 2011

Typical facebook profile pictures


the bro who wants to look all hard and shit

the 12 year old girl who loves picnik

the teen girl who loves to take the mirror bathroom pics!

The party pics!! ( I’m never invited to parties so this is all I got )

the poetic emo :(

the dgaf

the teen girl who just loves to be the center of attention!

& the seducing mexican.

p/s: HAHA,I LOL every time I bump into this post in tumblr :P


fikah © said...

The second pic, edited using Picnik, reminded me of my youngest sister.
I remembered how obsessed she was with photo editing after being influenced by Angah.

sri said...

hahah! tumblr mmg ada byk bende mcm ni!

a's said...

hahaha,dulu i'm addict to PS and edit gilak2 jugak.time tu zaman myspace la :P

giler kentang lenyek kelakor

a's said...

hahaha,and it reminds me of zaman jahilliah dolu dolu...kelakor!!!