19 July 2011

Random #59

Happened to read all those cards and letters from the mr past. Terlampau rajin kemas all the stuff dalam almari sebab terlalu banyak anak-anak beruang dan kotak-kotak hadiah from fellow friends since sekolah menengah until now. Baju makin bertambah,almari pun dah muntah-muntah.sesak sangat!

Kebetulan terjumpa surat menyurat,kad,and the album that were given by him.

Surprisingly I read,smile and laugh to myself. I am scared if I might burst into tears once again but it does not happened!!

An album that worth thousands of memories :]

I read line by line,word by word and I smile and said to myself

"Itu lah masa depan mata kau ego sangat,sekarang dah takde kau senyum jelah"

It such a sweet thing to have this kind of memories with someone who took your breath away before.Definitely I am great now because I can read all those things with smile and never think to waste my tears anymore. This is a part of cycle in life. The time really heals me,I can tell!

Alhamdulillah, I know everything happened for a reason and Allah knows what is the reason and I only can figure it out later, just be patience and keep my faith on Him. We are so young,make use of the mistakes as a great experience for better life tomorrow.

Have wonderful life fellow friends and mr past,be proud and happy!

we have same interest,one of 'em is keeping all resits :D
need to blur his part above(notes),my part yang panjang berjela penuh dua pages tu.wakakaka!

Even if I need to move on,but the memories remain forever in my soul and mind.


kays said...

:) be strong kak anna , we are stronger than they even know. Kita pasti boleh ! :D

a's said...

:] big thanks to you my dear! you give me such courage ever since we know that we have so much things in common!

Lets holding hands and move along :D
Kita bolehhhhhhhh..auummmmmm! (Harimau Malaya)

Cik NurulZaty said...

wow~ u still have courage to read all those..hehe
i masih tsimpan dalam kotak lagi..tggu.2-3 tahun lagi..kalo baca.msti gelak kan..hehe. s

be strong anna.
somehow, u also one of friend that always support me n advice me kan..

so..kita2 sama2 kena strong k..

a's said...

#Cik NurulZaty
it took 2 years baru boleh act like this zaty.my progress is really slow :]

but its okay,alhamdulillah I am totally great now and feel better.Thanks for the past for a better future :]

Auummmmmm (Harimau Malaya)