05 August 2011

Random #61

Yesterday was the most hilarious day for me.

#First thing is; There is someone asked me

"You know that thing,ala pajerin or majerin. We eat it with rice"

I laugh out loud,this is so funny! But still i think it is a cute question from an innocent person -__-"

The name of the food that the someone trying to say is PAJERI and it ends up she/he called it MAJERIN quite few times but only this time I got chance to laugh and correct her/him.LOL.

Sorry,but when I remember this thing I will smile alone even when I am about to clean the dish after iftar or driving to surau for tarawikh. Funny!!

# Second things is,I planned to go to mall which was like 20 mins journey from home but end up I fall asleep macam patrick the starfish tersadai di tepi pantai dengan memakai telekung complete with kain and I slept for 1 hour with that position which is right on sejadah and perpendicular to the kiblat.ROFL

aku memang tak pandai doodling,tambah-tambah guna mouse! zzzzzzz!!
p/s: jam tu menunjukkan masa aku bangun lepas 1 jam tertidur lepas habis tadarus. Buruk perangai tidur macam tu! *insaf*

That's is my "mall" finally. I don't know why but lately feels so weak and lembik semacam and badan rasa panas. Panas sebab banyak dosa mungkin ;'(

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