16 September 2011

The Super Duper Professor #2

Basically the first week of this 2nd year studies have finished and it was hectic enough for me!

But the best thing about this semester is (even I have to add another extra subject -___-"),mostly my lecturer are Professors and they are so great in their own ways. I took Genetics, Bioprocess, Tissue Culture, UNGS, EAP & Leadership this semester with another +1 subject.

Tissue Culture and Genetics are divided into 2 parts each. For Animal Culture,my lecturer is from Indonesia and he is a Professor even I bet his age is not more than 35 years old -___-" meanwhile the Plant Culture part will be conducted by Prof Ariokiaraj. He is so excited and full with enthusiasm when deliver the lecture which I sometime feel like I was in a tuition center.HIHIHI but I enjoy his class and Alhamdulillah can cope with the lecture well.

The most inspiring lecturer that I ever had is Professor Mohamad Bin Osman. By looking at his appearance,I can guess he is 'somebody' big,I mean he got big position in some organization with big money!!

Indeed,my perception was proven to be true! He is the President of Genetics Society of Malaysia. And he got many experience in breeding new crops and all. I was impressed with his contribution in Agriculture industry. He was invited by Japan Government next week to discuss on something about the genetics and stuff. Awesomeeee!!

He is a nice,calm,relax and cool in person. He got charisma in his personality.

I love to study in my university since there are a lot of Professors who has big name in Malaysia worked here. Hopefully I can be like them. For now,I just adore Prof Mohamad with his effort to give Rozell another 'chance' to be at consumer's heart by doing some genetics improvement on the crop.

Praying hard that this semester will be my kick start on my future. Like Professor Mohamad said it takes few years to complete the research,but when it turned out to be success,no words can describe your feeling on that time and it makes you want to do more research again and again.


jaya jr said...

klo lect tu bace boleh dah dapat markah lebih ni..hihihi

a's said...

haha,tak terpikir plk.tp kalau nak kasi extra marks pun bolehhhhh