24 November 2011

Quick Update #17

Finally,I am done with the mid semester examination! What a long and tiring days I have been through! Haih,so far Genetics paper was the most killing paper after all. Sigh, I just don't want to imagine the marks that I can get from that paper. Betullah mommy monster cakap before masuk new semester haritu, Genetics memang susah.Need to work harder before the final is coming -____-"

And as for this weekends, I will be back home!! Woooottt! Even just go back to my hometown in Ipoh,Perak but still it just give me some excitement about this weekends! It will be more exciting and all-day-long-smiling if I can meet somebody this weekends. LOL

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Going back to Perak until Saturday then heading to Kuala Lumpur until Monday for another wedding of my cousin from my mommy monster's side. What a week!! Dah lama our families (especially my dad's side, since this will be the 1st wedding among the cousins) tak gather ramai-ramai for a wedding festive!! I bet this one will be more havoc than ever.

But then on Monday my family will left for Bandung,and I am not with them since they are going on weekdays. Mentang-mentang tengah cuti sekolah kannn..Bencik :( !!

To my roomate,please take care of yourself during this 4 days holidays. Next week bila kita dah punya banyak uang,kita liburan (outing je okay) aja bareng! <3

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Nies Hanna said...

Makasih ya mbak ingt juga sama saya...bisa aja...nnti uangnya ada kita liburan yaa... miss me ya!! haha