19 December 2011

Dear Best Friend #1

I know you will read this.

I don't really sure how does this works,but clearly Allah giving us such a telepathy and you will come right on time when I need someone to talk with. You are such a great friend of mine since in secondary school. We always share the laugh and tears together, even I am still with my ego not to cry in front of people but I do have the up and down in life. We faced the same circumstances almost at the same time before,or maybe I am the first one who faced it and followed by you. We cling and hold our hands together to stand and keep walking. You always be there, when I am at my worst. You never fail to comfort me, lending me your ears for my stupid-not-moving-on stories. Even I keep talking about the same thing, you never stop me. You have such pure heart, dear. I hope I can be like you.

credit to tumblr

Dear best friend,

You are the most precious person besides Him,my families and him in my life.And You know that we will go through thick and thin in life together even after every one of us will get married later?And thanks for your du'a, and I will do the same to you too.InsyaAllah, Allah will hear our du'a someday.Amin.

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