31 December 2011

Its a wrap for 2011

credit to tumblr

Lets wrap everything that happened in 2011
# Started the new year like previous year. Nothing special because I am not really into celebrating any occasion except birthday and eid.
# Bought my baby blacky SE Vivaz Pro on late January, a day before Chinese New Year
# Had great time with friends during BBQ Batch at Pantai Balok. Its our batch dinner party
# Enjoyed leisure time at home almost 5 months without working (due to abah's so-called-over-protection-towards-his-daughter)
# Cooked many varieties of food, learned a lot from personal experience
# Met someone awesome, out of nowhere
# Finally produced another wedding album
# Managed to finish reciting the whole book of Al-Quran in Ramadhan (took me few months to finish recite it)
# Along's Convocation Day, Officially a MBA graduate.
# Managed to get 'green light' from mommy monster and drove her car trice! weehuuu (fyi, mommy monster will not gonna let anyone who recklessly when driving drive her cars.*mind my broken grammar and sentence structure*)
# A big move in life I can say
# Met many coolest people in town
# Bought another new phone which I am using right now. it is a need not a desire.
# Celebrated awal muharam with families in Mutiara Gombak and had Yassin recitation and doa selamat.
# Having a great life alhamdulillah until today. I am grateful to Allah for lending me the breath for another day.
# SubhanAllah,what a night! Happened to go to our new Masjid in campus and perform isyak prayer together with all the girls of my classmates.Such a great wrap for this year.

2011 has been so nice to me, Alhamdulillah.
Allah has His own plan for every creatures in this world.

p/s: Birthday shout out to my girl, Azra! Happy 21st! Love you :)
p/s/s:Happy 2nd years old blog! Have posted 808 posts including this post.Apa yang aku merepek banyak sangat tu??

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Flowery Style said...

Happy new year anna!!