24 February 2012

Over Excited

Alhamdulillah finally my sister and also my photography partner already delivered a baby girl with weigh of 2.05kg by cesarean last night if I am not mistaken.

Congratulation to my sister for the new born! I am too excited and super happy today until my hands are all shaking when I wanna type the message at her Facebook wall. Finally my sister's dream to become a mommy come true! Alhamdulillah thanks to Allah for His Mercy.

Fresh from the oven, Wan Aishah Khalilah Binti Wan Khairy Adly
credit to her father's Facebook

The baby's name is Wan Aishah Khalila. Such a wonderful name and i love her eyes! InsyaAllah when you are about few months and can fit to wear dress,aunty will buy another present for you!! Cannot wait to go back to Kedah and meet both of the girls.... :)

When will be my true blood sister's turn to get married and have my own niece or nephew? :'(


Wahida said...

Tq anna...cepat betol update...;)

a's said...

hihihi title pun over excited kan.hihihi...selamat berpantang!