26 February 2012


Just got back from East Coast Mall for some window shopping,sort of and lunch at Black Canyon Restaurant with Miss Roomate and Miss R. Went there and shoot for our lunch and had a great tomyam ever since me and my roomate been craving for the tomyam since last night. Even it is not a Thai restaurant, but I can guarantee their tomyam still the best. Compared to my hostel cafe -___-"

After had our lunch,went to find Miss Roomate's purse. Window shopping again and went to Parkson and something got my eyes. Thought of buying something for myself since I have not shopping for myself quite a long time..perhaps :p

End up bought something from Alain Delon section, playing with all the soft toys which are super huge at Kids section until Miss Roomate feel like wanna buy one giant bear which cost RM399.99 nett! Seriously the teddy is damn huge and there were few children playing around the rack that display the teddy bear. How lucky those kids nowadays! Can play ipad, get so many teddy bears, playing PS3 and Xbox! But I think I am more extreme than the kids these days. I got myself a bicycle accident at 4 years old and the scar remains on my face until now. I never regret it because I enjoy riding my bicycle without the help of 'tayar tambahan' while closing my both eyes and finally muka makan jalan tar orang cakap. Tak sempat nangis aku dah pengsan. HAHAHA

Saw some cute little dresses at Trudy Teddy section. I love all their collections! They really know how to make outfits for the little princess and prince. Their dresses are so adorable and pricey too -___-" I saw one little cute dress with good fabric cost RM89 per piece and I think the dress need less than 1 meter of fabric to make it.

images credit to Google

Then we went to Watsons to buy Olive oil for my dried and fizzy hair, and headed to KFC to tapau some food for dinner. Went down while waiting for a friend to fetch us up, I bought myself a pair of shoes pulak!! If Mommy monster got to know this, I am totally dead!! The new shoes more or less similar like the one which mommy monster bought but cheaper few bucks than that. I hope she will understand that her 2nd daughter is very shopaholic and she cannot resist something that in RED color. I hope you understand mom -___-"

We spent about 5 hours at the mall and I have spent like 150ringgit within that 5 hours. I should have fasting and never go out again for 'window shopping' at least until mid semester because I have promised to myself to give some reward by buying something nice for myself during this mid semester break. We will see how does it goes O__o

Should have start saving like seriously from now on for my future use or else I am gonna waste my parents money for nothing since I have not receive any scholarship :'( Untunglah budak-budak JPA, Duit beribu-ribu

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iela_fadila alias said...

tomyam dia sedap eh? apa lg yg sedap? sllu dok lalu tp xbrani nak try,uhu

nak tgk kasut baru !