28 March 2012

Grown Up!

This is what happened yesterday. All I can say is, I am partially grown up now! Hehehe..padahal orang lain dah lama grown up anna oit hang ja slow pace sikit =____=

I am braver because of HIS will,
because of his courage,
because of her support,
because of his pressure,
because of her take-easy on everything,
because of all of you!!

I am grateful to have such wonderful people around me. They make me feel wiser and better (hopefully I am) and I can feel the positive vibes in me. hihihihi..

Allah puts all the hardship for better living in future. Now I can see the 'better' things keep coming to me. Alhamdulillah, HE never breaks HIS promises.

One step closer to be an adult.. May Allah ease everything for me.

images courtesy of tumblr

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