27 March 2012

Wonderful Weekends

Due to the not-so-private policy that this blog can offer me, plus some people that already transgress my patient by insulting me with the things that I wrote here during class, lets the pictures do the talking.

Voucher buku 1 Malaysia dihabiskan untuk kesemua buku-buku dan alat tulis di atas kecuali buku Strobist sebab tertinggal di Kuantan. I would like to thanks to the government for this voucher even the expired date has been postponed -___-" but then because of this voucher I started to enjoy reading novels.huhuhu.. I bought 3 photography guide books, 4 novels and 1 motivational book.Positive turnover I can say :)

The thick photography books! I love it!! Please believe the price tag! Mind you the books are brand new and no damage at all :) Normal price for left book: RM94.90, right: RM89.90..what a great bargain! I am one happy lady!!

Reminiscing down the memory lane. Ate bihun sup at ZC cafe but unfortunately the taste was not the same even all ingredients were same :( And Kakak kiosk yang cute dan putih tu still work there,the kiosk is now bigger and has many stuff in it! How I miss the kiosk in CFS, PJ :'( Small but complete.

20 pieces meatballs, 1 bowl of mushroom soup, 2 pieces of chicken wings, 1 apple juice, 1 slice of chill apple cake and 1 coke. Happy tummy

Red valvet and tiramisu, definitely not mine because they are too sweet for me! I cannot eat sweet food or else my body will shaking. LOL. And the water berry is so delicious!! Jumbo size :p

Having burger but only Along and K had the burger while I am just watching them eating since my tummy was stuffed with meatballs on that time. Haish rugi!! Mind you this burger is from Zam Burger Jumbo, Danau Kota. Just 5 minutes away from Along's place. The patty definitely is homemade and thick like ever! Must try and no need to Q for 2 hours and half like in Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw tu :p
image credit to Google

Next time we decided not to go for eat anymore,instead we would love to do kayaking and wall climbing. We will see......


Othman F. said...

EWAH ekau jenab!! hahaha

wey burger kat situ takyah Q eh?aku nk g ah cenggitu.. aku ingat nk pegi yang kaw kaw tapi dengar ramai sgt orang asek tak jadi aje..

a's said...

#Othman F.
hahahahahaha kelasss!!

tak payah beratur sangat..ko boleh call je kalau nak order.burger dia pun boleh tahan just takde bakor-bakor ler...

kawan aku gi burger bakor kena Q 2jam setengah baru dapat burger weh...tak sanggup aku

Othman F. said...

mmg terbaik hokeh weekend ko. sodap!! aku otw diet la konon, kene ler berpantang sikit..tapi tak tau la bape lame ni. hahaha!

a's said...

#Othman F.
hihihi alhamadulillah
woottttt! diet siuttt!! takpe seminggu sekali pekena burger apa salahnya :P

Hazlin Lalala said...

rindu weekend balik dr matrix kdg2 g amek anda kt situ... kite hang out kt o.u... rindu rindu !!

a's said...

#Hazlin Lalala
nanti balik malaysia kita jumpa lagi eh?