20 April 2012

My First Time #1

Today is my first time going for hiking and jungle tracking at Bukit Pelindung. Alhamdulillah I made it till the end!! This is a great kick start I can say. Even though my stamina not that powerful like Etty, Najib and Irfan but with the support and help from them I managed to be at the finish line :') 

I feel like wanna scream my lung out :P

To those sisters who gonna go for this "Nature Walk" activity organized by Welfare bureau of our batch tomorrow, you are advisable NOT to drink any drink that contain milk and eat anything that too oily. This happened today to my twin when she thrown up everything that she drank before hiking and luckily we are only about few meters away from the ground. Unfortunately she cannot proceed to climb up the hill. So only 4 of us continue the journey. Its not a mountain yet but I feel like half-ly dead when hiking to the top of the hill. 

Thank you again to my hiking partner,life savior Etty for the help and consideration. I stopped more or less like 3-4 times before reached at the top of the hill. I just need to improve my breathing technique because the hiking track is so steep even though it covers with 'tar'.

After reached on top of the hill,we took a break and the guys had their 'breakfast'. I am sweating like hell. LOL. But Etty was cool and managed to be the 'ranger girl' today. I am proud of her. She got the stamina even her weight is sooooo unbelievable with her age now -___-". I got her weight only during my secondary school kot?

Then we continued our journey to go down from top of the hill by jungle  tracking. This is the most favorite part. I called it "My Happy Ending". After tired of suffering at the hiking track, now we went to the jungle.

Before we hiking,there is one Abang from Jabatan Perhutanan said to us 

"Jaga-jaga adik,tadi ada beruang dekat atas tu"

And he is not lying!!!

OH MY!! I am scared! Everyone is scared on that time. I even SMS my dad and said I went to hiking because I forgot to tell him last night. Punya la takut dengan beruang kan. Rasa macam jadi ranger National Geographic pulak -___-"

So,hopefully tomorrow I can perform better during hiking. I need to have a good breathing; inhale and exhale. InsyaAllah everyone can enjoy their moment tomorrow. And guess what,there is NO pacat at all!! Even Irfan wearing short pants with sport shoes and ankle high socks also got no pacat bites him :P

Before masuk jalan denai

 Tudiaa najib tengah kepochi gapo dio tuh?

 tangan Etty parkinson sikit :p


images courtesy Etty's iphone

I had a wonderful first time experience today. Alhamdulillah thank you Lord! :)

p/s: gonna update the pictures later


iela_fadila alias said...

yey ! u did it !
berjaya gak kan involve outdoor xtvt,hee

a's said...

#iela_fadila alias
wuhuuu...itu pun dah separuh nyawa nak hiking. apatah lagi panjat gunung like you.perghh...you are amazing babe!!!

fikah © said...

Insya-ALLAH, memang takde pacat.
Haritu siap dgn selipar jmban masuk denai. :)

Oh, Etty punya percentage muscle 95%. Tu yg stamina tinggi.

€LLy said...

oh inila AMARAN yg najib tanak bgtaw tu.. fuhh nseb bek bc post ni after hiking huhuu

a's said...

tau takpa! ni lemak pun dah 20% dah guane :p

a's said...

hihihi najib tak cakap eh? dia tak nak takutkan korang sebanrnya but it's true.kitaorang dah la masuk hutan tu 4 org je and takdak org lain langsung masuk situ on that day