22 May 2012

Addicted over Running Man

I have been influenced by Miss Roomate to watch Running Man few weeks back. Bila tak ada electric supply, Miss Roomate akan pasang Running Man just to kill the time since my laptop is permanently dead without electricity.

And due to some circumstances, I was influenced by her to watch Running Man again last Wednesday since our hostel black out again for quite long period.

Today,out of nowhere I suddenly meet Miss Roomate and asked her to copy some of the funniest episodes of the Running Man and only games that related to food to my thumbdrive. She was shocked and laughed at me T__T

I am totally not a Korean drama/movie/band freak! But I just get attach with this game show since I do love Istana Takeshi very much long time ago since I was a kid. Hopefully this new addiction never lead me to some serious obsession towards anything related to Korean boy band or what. Hihihihi.. I am not blaming or critic my friends who loves Korean entertainment products so much since everyone has their own right to love anything in this world. Peace :)

p/s: For this time being,I only know Gary and he is freaking hilarious with his blur innocent face T__T

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