08 May 2012


Excited over Abah's visit to meet me tomorrow :)

In sya Allah my dad will come to Kuantan and I am super excited about that since last week! Hihihi

Due to this over excitement, when I was taking my bath this evening and suddenly come to think about impossible thing which is;

"What if Abah come and give me the car since I have been complaining about transportation a lot recently?" 

HAHAHA! That is so impossible to happened since mommy monster will never let me get what I want that easily!! Knowing her, she trained us since we were kids to be independent and strive to get the thing that we wanted with our own effort. And I am proudly saying here that many things that I have now are almost 100% with my own money including my dslr and phones. If I was wise enough, probably I could save almost 6k in my account now but unfortunately with this desire to own everything on Earth will never let me save money more than that with MY OWN MONEY... Pity you anna!!

Back to the excitement of meeting the love of my life which is my dad, I already packed some of my shirts and sweaters to send back home. Phewww I hate packing! I really hope that I can go back home with my dad and enjoy the holidays like none business #likeaboss with no final examinations at all :D

In your dream,anna!

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