17 May 2012


Sometime in life,you cannot differentiate whether it is the best thing for you or not until there is one time you are being tested with the hardest challenge. If you keep holding on of what you have from beginning until the end, it clearly is the best thing for you and vice versa.

And at the same time when you are in trouble,you can know who is your friends. Who you can count on after Him in this world? Then you realize that you are not alone...

Because you got haters and friends both at the same time. Haters will keep talking about you but friends will never betray your friendship. I value my friends very much since I love them like my own siblings... 

In life,you will meet two types of people. 
The ones who build you up,
and the ones who will tear you down,
In the end, you will thank BOTH of them-Quoted


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