18 June 2012

Kali Pertama #3

Went to clinic this evening all  by myself since my parents are always busy :( Arrived at the clinic 15minutes later after drove mommy monster's car like crazy. I love her car,it can speeding very well compared to miss S. Pity you miss S. Frankly speaking, I rather love all Honda's products than Suzuki's because Japan people got their intelligence in developing their technology and spread it to the world. They got their place in our heart.

the gas is running out!
image credit to my bb

Back to the story,I have waited for 1 hour and 20 minutes for my turn to meet the doctor.Alhamdulillah everything is well and I have done my very first ultrasound scanning (like the one that pregnant mommies do during their pregnancy). I was nervous to the max since I was alone and it was my first time tho. But I do want to be independent anyway so I just be BOLD and do whatever the doctor said.

the medicine for this one whole month
image credit to my bb

Praise to Allah that everything is normal and I hope I will be back on track soon.

After went to the clinic,I rushed to musolla nearby the clinic and drove to Tutti Frutti outlet. Unfortunately, the queue was too long and I cannot find a parking lot to park the car so I went back home with a heartbroken :(

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jaya jr said...

aik,bukan ke suzuki dang honda tu 22 kompeni jepun???

btw,semoga bercuti dalam keadaan sihat dan tenang.hehe