24 June 2012

A Quick One With My Bestie

This entry supposed to be posted last 2 weeks but due to my high level of laziness, so here it is today. Lets pictures do the talking. Excuse my noise and blur pictures that were taken by using my bb.Sobb

Place to be visited in 10 years time insha Allah *masuk duit syiling dalam tabung teddy bear -__-*
Meeting my best joyah mate ever at Taman Melati LRT terminal and headed to KLCC and wondered around Kinokuniya and started to make a plan about some gateaway :p

 After wondered around KLCC, we decided to give a try at Little Penang Cafe for lunch. From my opinion, I rather love PappaRich or any other kopitiam than this one. Sorry

malu-malu pulok saing kawe nih

meet my bestie from IIUM Gombak, Miss FO

mine: Prawn Mee. PappaRich's is more savior and delicious than this one

Miss FO's: Nasi *whateveritsnameiforgot* that consists of Ayam Masak Kicap, Kerabu Pucuk Paku and Sambal Udang dengan Petai

Left: 3 Layers Tea (Miss FO's) and Sirap Bandung (mine)

Froyo that was originated from Korea. Already forgot it's name but it has the same concept as Tutti Frutti. Along belanja foroyo ni for me and Miss FO after met her at KL Walk and accompanied her lunch. Jumpa ramai orang yang berkerjaya masa tu since KL Walk is located at offices area. I am impressed to see them because I have never being exposed to such environment like few of my friends do! It was a great motivation for me to be successful as Along and others do. Ganbatte!

Found this cute handmade mural at KLCC tunnel when me and Miss FO walked from Along's office to KLCC. It was freshly done about few days when we found this mural. Amazing!

To all my friends and love one who takes short semester that will begin tomorrow,do your best! May Allah bless your journey during this new semester and may success always be with you guys! Ganbatte!

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Othman F. said...

HAHAHA weh baru online betul2 and baru bace.. amboi gamba aku tu kan xleh kembang lag ke kan..hahaha miss you!