19 July 2012

How To Complete Reciting Al-Quran During Ramadhan

Ramadhan is just around the corner and I am so excited to meet Ramadhan not because of the glorious food spread in bazar but the month itself. Ramadhan gives us tranquility. Its not only Ramadhan,other Islamic month also gives us benefit but Allah has stated that Ramadhan is more special than others. Insha Allah

So as usual my aim for this coming Ramadhan is to work hard and stay humble insha Allah.. Complete reciting the Al-Quran again like previous year but with more blessing from Him. I really hope to finish reciting Al-Quran at least once during Ramadhan and do other ibadah as well since there will be no interruption from syaitan and I have nothing to do besides cooking for iftar and making some dessert everyday hopefully. i only need to struggle with my nafs and I hope I can win!! Insha Allah

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Here are the tips that I got from tumblr How To Complete Reciting Al-Quran During Ramadhan:

The Qur’an has 600 pages approx.. If you divide it on 30 days, that is 20 pages a day. You see, it is difficult to do right? But, if you divide it on the 5 prayers a day, it gets easier:

*If you read 4 pages after every salah in ramadan, then you’ve completed the Qur’an.

*If you want to complete the Qur’an twice, you read 4 pages before and after every salah.

May this coming Ramadhan gives more benefits to us. Start 'gardening' now for a nice and juicy 'fruits' later in akhirat. May Allah bless us in what ever we do.


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