02 July 2012

Photo Outing With Part of GS Member #4

It was unplanned, and as usual we met and discuss later where to go for some photo shoot. Fortunately my 2 hyung just bought their new lenses respectively. My noona too but she left her 60d at home since she got her iPhone 4s camera with external tele lens already (but she left the iphone external tele lens at her office) :p

It was short but happy moment to meet them especially Sunmenghao! He was the one who very busy before and never meet this hyung since our first and last photo outing together in The Chosen One long time ago.

" Menara KLCC dan jambatan penghubung dekat tengah-tengah."
Bersama Taukey Jersey Jajahan Tanah Malaya dan Tuan Engineer Putrajaya

Happy faces VS Serious face
 "Nak lens 85mm macam Uncle IM jugak mummy pleashhh"-Bisik Aishah pada Mummy

"Pokok-pokok bonzai tepi Menara Alor Staq"
tengah 'pulun' nak buat LOVE tapi Uncle Yusry dah snap dulu -___-"

Our GS team finally got it's junior member,its Khalilah Aishah :) Adorable-chubby cheek-serious face baby girl who is following us here and there today. Pity Aishah, later when you can walk definitely your Mummy and Uncles will shoot your portrait until you flat dearie..

Aishah with Aunt Anna :p bukan Auntie Anne yang juai pretzel sedap tu *gulp*

All pictures credit to IM and his new lens :D
Edited tone by yours truly :)

Hopefully this friendship that grow due to our same interest will glory and blossom until Jannah :) Ukhuwah fillah abadan abada


Wahida said...

cantik gambar2 tu....:)

a's said...

yezzaaaa....kemaih lens tu! beli kak!!

Useriez said...

jat ada lg 1 lens baru.. semalam dia tak tunjuk..

a's said...

lens apa lagi?sampai hati takmau tunjuk..kalau dak nak culik lens tuuu

Izzat Malek said...

kuajaq mai buat fitnah kt sini!!

Izzat Malek said...

hoih kojaq mai buat fitnah tang sini!!

a's said...

#Izzat Malek
bohong berdosa,masuk api neraka.hahaha