12 July 2012

Surprise Visit

Miss Roomate and Miss N went to Jitraville for some retreat for 3 days and 2 nights but I only can manage to meet them 2 days since I have difficulty to go out during weekdays. No transportation even there is a car at the garage.

So yesterday, it was raining cat and dog since the midnight until morning and it made us delayed our plan a bit from the original plan. They came to my house around 11 am and we went to Perlis up up and away~~ #tetiba

Miss Roomate shopping like a boss at Padang Besar with Miss N while I am suffering from PMS like crazy!! Setiap kali masuk kedai, aku akan cari kerusi tuan kedai dan duduk while diaorang membelek baju-baju. Aku yang selalunya penuh bernafsu dengan shopping even its not a branded thing because I never care about brand, as long as it easy to wear and can cover my aurah so I will buy it.

After done with their stuff, buying some nice outfits, brooch, shoes, junk food (kerepek-kerepek) then we went to a Thai Restaurant  and had our lunch at 2.40 pm. We were hungry like piranha, masa shopping tak terfikir lapar pulak *excluding me that need to face the most suffering pain yesterday*

Next stop is the big Masjid Padang Besar, beside the Custom Malaysia building. That masjid got wifi !! Hebakk demo!

Then we went to Tasoh Lake & Resort to see the breath taking scenery there. And finally went to Kuala Perlis for some hi tea. I had a giant Ais Batu Campur while they had their laksa Kuala Perlis. Since my favorite spot to have the most delicious Laksa Kuala Perlis was closed yesterday, so they got to eat the common lousy laksa. I am so disappointed because cannot make Miss N's wish come true (eating the most delicious Laksa Kuala Perlis). 

Next time, we cannot go there on Wednesday okay?

I really enjoy my day yesterday! Thanks a lot to Miss Roomate and Miss N for visiting me here :p And thanks to Miss N for the souvenir too... I hope I can bring all my friends to come at my place and go to Langkawi together. Bestnya!!

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