08 November 2012

Dear Diary #64


#Hectic week this week,packed with exams and quiz

#I think I am doing really bad for all the papers.crap!!

#My last paper for mid term exam is postponed again for god sake!!! It has been postponed for more than 3 times and I just hate the fact that it is still unsettle until my 14th Nov! The new date for the mid semester exam is still pending and not confirm yet due to some technical problems.sigh!

#My Blackberry is still doing okay but I have no enough time to figure the solution yet

#All my Adobe based editing softwares are corrupted? Because the Apek who installed all the softwares gave a fake serial number for registration of the software.And it was Along who brought my laptop to install them. sigh! And I paid rm50 for a fake serial number!! the (&^%$#@!@#$%^&*

#I'm at my most lower emotional level, bare with me people!

#You just disappoint me

I really need a long vacation to unwind. Suddenly Mom called me when I was outside while having dinner and it was 11pm at that time. She asked me whether I can follow my family to Johor this coming December for a short getaway since I never get myself to go to Johor since my childhood time. Hopefully I can follow my family this time. I have been "isolated" from joining my family trip since I'm in foundation studies due to this not-sync holidays with school holidays. I hate that!! 

p/s: excuse my poor grammar. Writing this entry with unstable emotion.

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